FYI..It's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to.. but i wont, because i am 16!
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hhmm. today was pretty lame. Tomorrow finals start and to be quite frank, i am totally unprepaired. though i will pass all of my classes with a 0 on the final, i would like to raise all of my grades. I have a lot of studying to do tonight..
see ya kids.
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i got an ipod 30 gig. it is sweeet.. my dad got me something good for my birthday:-) well i have gotta go to bed due to the school tomorrow.. damn that school...
see ya
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i am at my dads house.. lucky for me i brought my laptop so i can update while i am here. I just ordered myself soem dominoes. a small with bacon..mmm tasty. reminds me of nashua, which i miss more then you could ever imagine. I keep wanting to call erick and see if i can go over, but then i remember that i am about 50 minutes away.. sucks..well thats all.. except for there is never anything to do when i am here.. i looked at my dads engine in his jeep.. threw some wd-40 onto hishood release, and played a few clan matches on battlefield 2.. now i am so bored, i dont know what to do. i wish i had something fun to do with me. my dads girlfriend, my dad, and some girl left to go do errands.. now i am alone.. what to do, what to do...
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WOW. I DONT BELIEVE IT. I havent used or looked at this thing in forever. so much is happening. get my license in a few weeks, i have a cool car, i have a real life. i have been having a lot of a better time being me. I think there is a chance that i will be updating this again. i know for a fact pretty much that noone has one of these, so if you see this, definetly leave me a comment!

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